Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

The hearing aid 312 battery size is specially designed for use with in the ear type hearing aids.

Your 312 size battery is the second smallest of the full range of batteries for hearing aids, what's more you can't mistake it, if you look for the brown pack or tabs.

Handy Tips and Important Information

Battery Safety

All hearing aid batteries come in blister packs and for a good reason, so you should always keep them in the original package or carry case, and here's why.

The packs plastic pockets stop any contact between your 312 battery and any other object, for example if you were to slip one into your pocket for convenience, then the chances are, a coin, or keys would make contact which could start the discharge.

Discharging batteries can cause a lot more damage than a wasted charge, because they can cause burns, and they can even explode.

You can buy a  key chain caddy created for safe pocket and purse battery storage.

Recently ZeniPower recalled hundreds of thousands of batteries that could explode. The mercury free affected batteries had an August 2018 and September 2018 sell by date, so check yours now.

The serious potential for ear damage is clear if a battery were to explode in the ear, therefore it cannot be stressed enough, the need to always buy a trusted brand.

Always Recycle Old Batteries

battery recycling tub

A hearing aid battery is stuffed full of harmful reactive chemicals, that's how they work, because of this battery recycling is very important.

Recycling for 1 small button battery may appear marginal until you realize that an estimated 3 billion batteries are purchased each year in the US, so stay safe.​

There is a national recycling program with local collection centers if you do not already know of one.

Find your local battery recycling collection point

locate recycling by phone

1-800-8-BATTERY or 1-877-2-RECYCLE

Always Store Hearing Aid Batteries Safely

Did you know that if a Lithium battery is swallowed it is classed as a medical emergency, because they can cause severe burns and even death?

Always store 312 batteries away from children and animals, to a child, they can look like candy.

In the event of you, a child or a pet swallowing one, you have 2 hours to get medical help to remove the battery from the body, usually by forcing sickness.​

Always buy Mercury free to reduce the risk of accidental poisoning.

National Battery Ingestion Hotline 202-625-3333

  • Seek medical assistance if swallowed
  • Never put on fires, you risk explosion
  • Always use recycling points for safe disposal
  • Do not store in the bathroom, or other damp areas
  • Never store hearing aid batteries in hot conditions, like a car
  • If a battery accidentally enters the ear, it must be removed straight away

Why Do Batteries Have Tabs?

Each manufacturers hearing aid batteries 312 sizes have a tab seal on them, once removed, they start to discharge.

These little tabs are actually covering small holes in the battery casing, so that when you pull off the tab, air activates the chemicals inside, and the reaction creates the charge.

So if you have pulled one by mistake, and then resealed it with the tab, you will then find it a dud when you come to use it.

When fitting new batteries you should wait for 1 minute after pulling the tab, this allows the air to enter freely, hence this will fully charge the cell, and can help the battery life.​

Sealed Shelf Life

The sealed (unactivated) zinc-air cell shown above has been proven to retain greater than 98% of its rated capacity after one year of storage at 21 ºC (70 ºF). The unactivated storage life is rated at 3 years.​



Power One

How Long Will My 312 Battery Last?

The lifetime of your battery is dependent on your device, and the climate.

Extremes in temperature can reduce the lifespan​ of a cell, as can damp weather, so always keep batteries away from water.

High altitudes have been known to shorten battery life, this may be linked to the need for a good air supply for the chemicals to react.

​If you live in a damp climate, you may need a dry storage container to improve the lifespan.

Some hearing aids are bluetooth, and these require transmission signals in addition to the amplification, so these will consume more power.

And for wearers of 2 aids, each is tuned separately, and therefore, 1 will draw more power.​

There are battery testers available, but usually, the number of days use will stay the same.​

Emergency Backup Hearing Aids

Never get caught out in an emergency, because many peoples lives, careers and futures depend on quality hearing, but what would you do if you lost yours?

It seems bizarre that you can buy a pair of in the ear hearing aids for less than $100.

There are drawbacks, they are not custom molded, and they are not fine tuned to your ear, but the feedback for these incredible little devices speaks for itself.

People love them, because they work well.

Thanks for reading, and remember the brown tab for your 312 size batteries.

​As we take the view that sub standard products can cause serious damage, as a result, we only offer the top 3 leading brands of hearing aid battery. Rayovac, Duracell and Power One.

It has become much more affordable nowadays to buy multi-packs from trusted online retailers like Amazon, and finally, the products below contain as many as 80 batteries offering incredible savings for you.

Keep listening, and keep safe.​

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